Boomerbuggy X Covered Mobility Scooter

Boomerbuggy X Covered Mobility Scooter


Boomerbuggy X Covered Mobility Scooter
60V 40AH SLA Battery/Lithium Battery (D)
Built in Heating System
Air Conditioning (Deluxe and D Only)
Solar Panel Charging (D Only)
Hydraulic Disc Brakes


The Boomerbuggy X! This fully enclosed mobility scooter is more spacious and has some cool new features! Travel to get your groceries, to your neighbour’s or take it just for a leisurely joy ride without fear of the weather. The Boomer X is fully insulated with heating giving you the warmth and comfort that you need on those cold winter days. The Boomer X also features built in speakers, windshield wipers, and more. Regain your mobility, independence, and sense of freedom with the Boomerbuggy X the next generation of covered mobility scooters!

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