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Daymak Beast ATV AWD All Terrain Vehicle

Daymak Beast ATV AWD All Terrain Vehicle


Daymak Beast ATV
60V 50AH SLA Battery Pack
Dual 1000W AWD Motors
Up to 80 km Range
Trunk / Plow / Winch / Ball Joint / Heated Hand Grips (Deluxe Only)
Daymak Bluetooth Drive Controller


What’s better than a gas guzzling ATV? The Daymak Beast Electric ATV! The Daymak Beast ATV is a front and rear wheeled electric ATV that proves to be as powerful as the name implies. Rip it through trails and hills with ease and tow heavy machinery in stride with the Beast ATV. Perfect for camping or going to the cottage, this ATV is everything you need without the noise or pollution. Push your ATV to climb new heights with its dual 1000W motors to race up inclines you wouldn’t dare to walk up. Whether your combing the beaches or cruising through forests the Beast ATV is thrilling from the moment you hit the throttle.

*Pricing may vary and do not include PDI, Shipping, or Tax. Please call or email for a quote.

**Select all available options such as colour, battery, voltage, and ampage to view price estimates.

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