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Daymak EM1

Daymak EM1

Daymak EM1 

Back lit LED display
Daymak Drive Bluetooth Controller to configure your eBike
72V 20AH SLA Battery
Hydraulic disc brakes
No license or registration required
Bluetooth MP3 player
LED angel headlights

The EM1 electric motorcycle has finally arrived and it is taking the market by storm. The EM1 is the first of its kind, with a design that allows you to sit in a prone position. The EM1 comes with gold plated USD front shocks and standard rear shocks making it one of the smoothest rides yet. With its definitive front LED headlights and signal lights, the EM1 is truly the evolution of eBikes. It comes with orange plated foot pegs for multiple riders and pedals giving you the ability to pedal if you run out of power. The Daymak EM1 electric motorcycle also comes with an LED backlit speedometer and odometer. Also standard with the EM1 comes the Daymak Drive Turbo controller. With customization features with the Bluetooth controller, you can make the EM1 configured exactly how you need it. The EM1 comes with integrated security features including remote start, and alarm system, motor lock (via app) and more. This may be the most stylish eBike yet, and you can get it here first at Ebike Universe.


Why go with the EM1?

The EM1 comes standard with the Daymak drive Turbo controller that allows you to increase the torque, range, acceleration, top speed and more. This controller MSRP is at $299, so if you go with the EM1 you get this at no extra cost!

This is Daymak’s first electric motorcycle. The EM1 is perfect for those who like the look and feel of a motorcycle, but are looking to stay environmentally friendly. Electric motorcycles average around the $15,000 price point and the EM1 is a fraction of that. This bike is street legal without any license or insurance making it an ideal for people looking for practice in getting there motorcycle license or those who want to avoid manual transmission.

The EM1 comes with a 12V charging port that you can use to plug in your smart phone or other electronic devices.  There is an 8” x 8” x 4” glove compartment where you can store small goods and personal items.

What should I know about the EM1?

The EM1 seat stands at a 30” from the floor with a seat width 10” and the handlebar spread is 29”.The total height from floor to the handlebars is 41” leaving the rider very aerodynamic as they ride.

Although the remote start function works, the charging port is inside of the glove compartment, so make sure you don’t lose your keys!


*Pricing may vary and do not include PDI, Shipping, or Tax. Please call or email for a quote.

**Select all available options such as colour, battery, voltage, and ampage to view price estimates.

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