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Daymak Grunt 800W Electric ATV

Daymak Grunt 800W Electric ATV


Daymak Grunt 48V Electric ATV
Daymak Drive Bluetooth Controller
Limit Speed and Motor Shut Off For Children
48V 12AH SLA Battery Pack
No License or Registration Required
Digital Speedometer Display


The Grunt packs a 48v 12ah, 800W motor, resulting in plenty of bottom-end torque. This makes them an excellent choice for kids (6 to 12) who want to drive in denser terrain, climb hills, or saddle up with camp gear for a weekend in the wild! The Grunt also comes with the Daymak Drive Turbo Bluetooth Controller that allows you to configure acceleration, increase the range lock the motor and more. All can be done wireless through any smart phone. 

*Pricing may vary and do not include PDI, Shipping, or Tax. Please call or email for a quote.

**Select all available options such as colour, battery, voltage, and ampage to view price estimates.

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