Daymak Paris 36V eBike

Daymak Paris 36V eBike


Daymak Paris 36V 4.0 Ebike
Removable 36V 8Ah Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Pedal Assist
Adjustable Handlebars
Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The Paris 36V has got the overhaul in 2020 that everyone has been asking for. The all new Paris 36V has gone with a smoother, sleeker style, doing away with the boxiness of the previous version. Now the Paris 36V comes with a removable battery pack that allows you to charge the bike both in and outside of your house. It comes with 3 levels of pedal assist or a throttle only mode for the very big hills. With its step through frame and curved handlebars never worry about straining your back over long trips. Get the new Paris 36V 2019 electric bicycle available now! 

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