Daymak Vienna 84V Electric Scooter

Daymak Vienna 84V Electric Scooter


The longstanding Daymak Vienna just got a real overhaul! Daymak has upped the power of the tried and true Daymak Vienna. Featuring a powerful 84V battery pack while maintaining its slim and sleek design, this scooter is sure fire winner for all types of ebike riders. With its dual battery system that allows you to easily remove the batteries for storage or charging this becomes the ideal bike for people who live in apartments! Make the most of your commute and do it in style with the Daymak Vienna 84V.


84V 20AH SLA Battery

The Vienna 84V keeps true to its predecessor with its removable battery pack. Take them inside your home to charge with the series connection cable or charge them directly in the bike. The choice is yours!


Under the Seat Storage

The Daymak Vienna 84V now also features extra storage underneath the seat. Keep your personal belongings in a locked compartment until you need them.


Back Lit LED Display

The Vienna comes standard with a back lit LED display that allows you to keep your battery meter, speedometer, voltage and more, visible at any time of day or night that you go for a ride.

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