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Orthoquad RZ500

Orthoquad RZ500


The all-new RZ500 from Orthoquad will give you comfort, safety, reliability and increased efficiency. This new model is equipped with a sturdy 450W high quality engine that provides peace of mind and exceptional reliability. Paired with two 40 amp batteries, it offers an exemplary autonomy with each use. Its 4-wheel dynamic suspension delivers optimum performance, a smooth and comfortable ride and superior stability on all types of terrain.


With the RZ500 you will find an ergonomic design and intuitive operation for safe movement and easy use. LED headlamp, a fully adjustable rotatable luxury orthopedic seat, pneumatic wheels, closed front basket, two mirrors and sturdy front rear bumpers for maximum protection. It is also equipped with a delta-type steering wheel for better maneuverability and safe driving.The RZ500is designed to meet the needs of newcomers. The perfect combination of comfort, safety and reliability!