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Want to ride a motorcycle, but don't have a license? The eMotorcycle™  is a street-and-bike-path legal eBike that are full-size motorcycles. Most of the models were actual gas-motorcycle designs, stripped down to become all-electric! It has a max speed of 32km/h and has a range up to 60km. They are equipped with signal-lights, front headlights, rear and brake lights, a speedometer and battery indicators, horn, charger and pedals. Additional features include LED lighting,  cruise control, rear cases, and radio. 

Replace driving. Avoid traffic. Save the environment. Get active. Don't sweat. 


If you like to ride for sport, then the eMotorcycle™  is for you! Get an eBike that fits your style, from colour, to shape, to off-road performance! All scooters and eBikes not in store can be ordered within 1-2 weeks. Check out our eMotorcycle™  catalogue below: