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Feel the adrenaline with the eATV™ . These electric all-terrain vehicles can be used year-round. Need a snow plow? Attach one to your eATV . Need to pull a utility trailer? Attach one to your eATV .  Whether for work or play, these four-wheelers can do it. 

Pull. Park. Plow. Patrol. Play

The eATV™  is offered in a several power ranges and colours, and also are available in kid-sizes. All scooters and eBikes not in store can be ordered within 1-2 weeks. Check out our eATV™  catalogue below:

Drop in for Monthly Specials. Debit/ Etransfer discount may be available. Add PDI, Shipping and Tax

*PRICING AND EBIKE SPECS MAY NOT BE CURRENT, and do not include Dealer Freight and PDI. Please contact us for an official quote.

**Electric Bikes or Scooters driving ranges varies and are dependent on driver weight, cargo being carried, what kind of roads (terrain, hills), head winds, tire pressure, battery charge and overall condition of the bike.
***Electric Bikes or Scooters (e-bikes) are considered Electric Bicycles under the Motor Vehicle Act.  They must meet the standards: Max Speed 32 KM/hr; Max Motor 500W; Max Tire size 18"; and Equipped with Pedals
****Freight charge are the shipping charges that it takes to bring the e-bike to our dealership from our vendors. This does not include any local delivery charges. PDI charges are the Pre Delivery Inspection charges that cover costs for product assembly and testing, as well as activates the warranty.

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