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Don't want to pedal? The eScooter™  is a street-and-bike-path legal eBike. It has a max speed of 32km/h and has a range up to 60km. They are equipped with signal-lights, front headlights, rear and brake lights, a speedometer and battery indicators, horn, charger and pedals. Similar to the seating style of the gas-powered Vespas, these eBikes have been redesigned into modern-day scooters. Additional features include LED lighting,  cruise control, rear cases, and radio. 

Replace driving. Avoid traffic. Save the environment. Get active. Don't sweat. 


There’s an eScooter™  for everyone. Get an eBike that fits your style, from colour, to shape, to off-road performance! All scooters and eBikes not in store can be ordered within 1-2 weeks. Check out our eScooter™  catalogue below.