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Heartway Brio+

Heartway Brio+


The Brio+ is the new version of the Brio model, with one main difference in the configuration of the wheels. The same brilliantly folding scooter with the powerful lithium batteries is now offered with two front wheels for added stability.

Folds with a lever without bending over

The new manual folding lever is now a pedal system. No need to bent down anymore just a step on a pedal and the scooter folds or unfolds.


Superior comfort on a small scooter

We never comprise the comfort even on a foldable light weight model. Now equipped with foldable armrest, air tires, led lights, and 4 wheels for enhnaced stability. This scooter is good for indoor and outdoor use.

*Pricing may vary and do not include PDI, Shipping, or Tax. Please call or email for a quote.

**Select all available options such as colour, battery, voltage, and ampage to view price estimates.

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